Crumbling World

A Dark Fantasy Lowpoly Action RPGfor Mobile, Desktop and Console

Crumbling World

A Dark Fantasy Lowpoly Action RPG

Crumbling World manages to combine three popular genres (infinity runners, action, and role-playing games) to create an engaging and story-driven experience. Run through seamless, ongoing levels as the world rapidly crumbles below your feet. Fight off a never ending onslaught of enemies with your favorite combat class. As you progress through the game, upgrading your character’s skills and attributes can make the difference between saving the world from the Evil Forces, or perishing with it.

Set in an apocalyptic, medieval world where most of humanity has been driven to side with the Evil Forces, players are tasked with the responsibility of saving the World… and themselves.

Dani Marti


  • Five Classes, 7 Characters
  • +40 Different Enemies, Unique Enemies and Boss Enemies
  • 5 Regions with procedural levels
  • 3 Modes: Easy, Medium and Hardcore
  • Real-Time Combat
  • Upgrade your skills and abilities

Coming Soon

For iOS and PC/Mac

Other Platforms

Switch and PlayStation in 2019

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